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As the topic says, suggestions on where to level up 300 RP will be much appreciated.

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It depends a lot of what you wanna get, exp or profit.

- Grim reapers : Drefia ones for experience, oramond ones for both, exp and loot

- Furies: Thais museum or Fury Dungeon in oramond

- Banuta -4

- Catacombs entrance

- Asuras: Palace or mirror entrance (where there are not true asuras)

- Lower Roshamuul, bridge and depot

- Warzone 5, and the lava lurkers respams

- Ferumbras entrance

- Elite Skeletons entrance of darashia

- Drakens: Draken Walls or in the last missions of WOTE (including where there are undead dragons)

- Respams of cult of tibia quest (thais, ab'dendriel ones)

Those are the ones that come to my head right now, hope I could helpsmiley

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RP at this lvl has a lot of options to hunt, so I'll mention some and describe why.

*Ghastly Dragons cave: thats a hunt full of profit, I recomend u hunt with crossbow and fire walls and bombs.

*Undead Dragons WOTE: this place is very good too for paladins to make a good money. Here u can also have a chance to find the boss Hatebreeder and some chance to drop the Shield of Corruption ( I droped it twice in 6months). U can also make bestiariy of Undead Dragon, Draken Abomination, Ghastly Dragon and Draken Elite. I just recomend to entar in the northwest TP.

*Banuta -4: here u can make good XP but the loot in general isn't that good. Every 3-4 refil u complete a task at Grizzly Adams.

*Glooth Tower: here is one the best places for paladin in my opinion, u can make good XP and  high profit also u complete 4 bestiary. Use thunderstorm and diamond arrows, full set with imbuements, thik a def set would be better if u are close to lvl 300.

*Demons Oramond: this place is good to complete demons task and u can make godd XP. Profit is variable, but never got waste there. If u have bad conection do not recomend to go here, grim reapers can kill u easily.

There are alot of other options, but I think with this spots u can have fun during a good time.

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In my opinion these spots are highly outdated except for the oramond demon spawn. Ghastlies are not even "good" profit anymore with the addition of new spawns (+ fire walls become obsolete at like lvl 250 already).