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Hello there, I know I can explore all around tibia for an available respawn to hunt, but sometimes we are blinded to go to same hunt places and dont see/remember other best places to hunt

Vocation: Paladin 740 - SOLO

Full set (No sanguine)

Target Raw/H: 5KK~~

Focus on Exp more than loot

What hunt places do you reccommend?

Some examples that come to my head at first when looking where to hunt:

  • Roshamuul west
  • Asuras
  • Nagas
  • Summer court
  • Winter court

Etc Etc, do you have more options?

Thank you very much!!!

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I'll speak myself as a 750 rp.
Places where i make at least 5kk raw with not much effort:
- Flimsies venore
- Roshaamul West
- Asuras Mirror

if you tryhard a lot, you can easily make 6~ raw in this spawns at this lvl. Its all about your rythm. But you'll do at least 5kk raw.
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Yes, I always try try to look for these respawns first, but sometimes they are occupied

Im looking to add more places like this to my list to have more options hehe, and maybe it can be useful to someone else

And thank you for yor comment!!! : D
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I get you. Ill try to tell you what i've seen / heard about others spawns that could help you hit 5kk raw:

- Cobras or Cobras -1. I've seen plenty of RPs hit the 6kk raw mark. But its much more difficult than the respawns i mentioned before.  I dont know which floor is more easy or dangerous, as i've hunted there only as duo rp-ed, so i cant really tell.

- Catacombs. I hunted there extensively. However, I never exceeded 5 raw in the Catacombs. I typically achieved between 4.5 to 4.6 raw there. I haven't been to that place since I was around level 600-650. So, perhaps by level 750, with an efficient hunting route, you could reach 5 raw.

- Floating Savants may be a good try to get 5 raw. Personally i've never went there. Im just referencing tibiapal: https://tibiapal.com/hunting/solopaladinaoe

- Issavi Sphinxes: I haven't hunted in this respawn enough to give an in-depth perspective. However, on the few occasions I've hunted there, I've easily hit 5 raw. Just a word of caution: it's a dangerous spot

I cant think of any other places for SOLO RP where you cant get 5 raw solo at this lvl. Maybe add Falcons to the list, i dont have references from Falcon's Hunt as RP.

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