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I was trying to compile a list of unreachable locations in Tibia and noticed some fansites don't have maybe a complete list. If you could include all the locations you're aware of, including those on fansites I would appreciate it. The reason I'm curious is that I am really big into mysteries lately and you never know with updates maybe Cipsoft adds ways we can enter the unknown.

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Here is a list of locations. If there are any that aren't included on the list or and errors please let me know!


  • Barbarian Arena 4th reward room - The Barbarian Arena has an unreachable reward room.
  • Peninsula between the Edron Troll-Goblin Peninsula and the Edron Orc Cave - This is a sizable plot cut off by a hill. Map
  • Troll hole - Down this hole southeast of Thais is a not unlockable door with trolls in a room behind the door. Map
  • Basilisk Room - This is an unreachable room that can be seen from the Slime cave in the city mine of Kazordoon. Map
  • Colossus Fortress - The Kazordoon entrance has a large unreachable area.
  • Kazordoon Fortress - Inaccessible area that connects the Kazordoon entrance and Dwacatra gates.
  • Shadowthorn - In the Time Ring Quest room there are magic walls blocking a passage. Some people say it is quest related. Map
  • Another passage blocked by magic walls can be found at the Spike Sword Quest. Behind it, you can see and hear dragons. Map
  • Kha'labal - Slightly west of the mountain pass between Darashia and Ankrahmun is a wall built into Kha'Zeel. No one has discovered how to get past this wall. It is commonly called the "spectral tomb". Map
  • Poisontower of Edron - This tower lies northeast of the Edron Dragon Lair and directly over a passage in the Hero Cave. but has not been reached by anyone who wishes to tell about it. Some people say this tower is quest related. Map
  • Edron ghoul cave, sealed room - Here, in this cave is a sealed room with a switch inside and it is not known how to enter this room. Map
  • Northern Green Claw Swamp - There is an unreachable hole in the ground and there is a cave underneath that can be seen from the three witches' cave. Map
  • Venore's jail has a special holding cell which you cannot access and its linked to a dead body on the way to venore's dragon lair, that's supposed of someone who was trying to escape from prison and had the roof falling on him, you can also see a spoon that could have been used to dig the tunnel, the entrance is here. Map
  • Giant Spider Tower inside of hellgate. Map
  • A small room with a Demon under Liberty Bay. Map
  • Isle of Solitude - Map
  • Island northeast of Senja (called Banor's Eye) Map
  • Calcanea - Map


  • Ghoul - An unreachable ghoul near the Katana Quest room. Map
  • Minotaur Mage Room - An unreachable room with a miotaur mage in Minotaur Hell. Map
  • Seagull Mountain - Mountain with a seagull south of the premium account area. Map
  • Sword of Fury Isle - An unerachable isle with stones, fire fields and a spike sword. Map
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Any other locations that aren't on wiki that you've personally made note of?
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I had a few others in mind but meant to follow up on this. What classifies as "unreachable"? For example the "Amazon mail room" in Amazon camp. You can't get in the door, does that make it unreachable if you can still see the whole room?
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unreachable to me means no entry
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Well behind every NPC store counter is unreachable. In Sam's shop in Thais there is a room that you can't get to.  I am just trying to figure out how to keep this answer manageable. If you include every door in an NPC building in every city there are many unreachable locations.
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well, as you can see from your information you got from wiki there are interesting locations. obviously, if it's behind a store counter or treasure rooms it's unreachable. so maybe locations that are "interesting" that you made note of.
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Ok, I will think on this and update the answer with anything else I come up with