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I would like to know your opinion about to use Epiphany Powerful for paladins. Which hunts it worths? Better use in hunt x4 or solo? Thx to all

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Can paladins even use it? Isn't this an imbuement for wands/rods and helmets exclusive to mages?
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I thought anyone could use it =/

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As a paladin you can only imbue with  Epiphany 2 Helmets:

- Falcon coif: Intricate epiphany (mlvl +2)

- Dark Whispers: Basic epiphany (mlvl +1)

And answering to your question, yes it worths it.

I don't have the coif yet, but I heard if makes a difference in reespams as rosha because of the silencers decreasing your mlvl.

What I do have is the dark whispers helmet. I put basic epiphany on it and distance, so I use it to kill bosses :)

Hope I helped with my answer.
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It is arguable. You can't imbue any item with magic level anymore except falcon coif, and then only the intricate imbue.

If you have nothing else worthwhile to occupy that slot, by all means go ahead. It probably wont make a significant diffrence however. But any extra mas san damge is nice!
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Paladins can't use the epiphany, but u can use hireling food tropical marinated tiger, they which has been proven to be very useful for knights too.
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Hmm good to know. I didn't realize that epipjany is just for mages =/
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you are wrong, paladins can use it, but not in every helmet.