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There are shark trophies as wall decorations available to trade with Tik'hi Tak'he. The necklaces you can trade with him are available to search on the market, however, the shark trophies do not appear in the market. Are these house decorations character bound like the trophies from hunting task points or can they be sold to other players?

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CIP stated that the trophies are character bound.

"The backpack and new necklaces are all searchable and listed in the market, so I assume they are just ordinary items. The Wall decorations (shark trophies and jaw) are not listed in the market when searched. So my question is, are these wall decorations character bound decorations or are they also tradeable?"

"The mentioned wall decoration items are indeed character-bound and not part of the Market for this reason."

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39098126#post39098126
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Oh so sad. I would like they were tradeables.