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My group of hunt are looking to start to hunt at Plague Seal at Ferumbras Ascension quest.

What is the best to hunt there with party of 4? If possible post some images with the best route, spots to make box, where Druids can trap themselves, and where RP might lure monsters.
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i think the reason no one has answered this its because its complicated to make, a video would be easier to explain and you would need to involve 4 persons at least including urself
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Also there is many videos on youtube on hunts so you can get ideas , at the end it depends on lvls of the team on how mauch skills people have and how many ppl there is on the server which affects on the spawn speed.

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This is our way to hunt here. Maybe there are better / easier / more profitable... ways to do it. But we are fine with it. Soon we will run out of respawn (our lvl range is 530-630) though and will add another spot I guess.

Yellow = Spot for RP

Blue = Spot for ED (he shoots Wild Growth for himself)

Purple = Spot for EK (he shoots a Magic Wall on the spot he want to stay, then he lures, then he has an easy time to go there)

I am MS (spots varey, depending on the amount of Hellflayers and how I can reach a wave spot)

The yellow arrows show from which side the RP is luring monsters.

The EK always runs first and lures the monsters (while he is doing that he shoots a Magic Wall), ED and MS follow together (that is neccessary for sure if you trap together and next to each other; ED also shoots his Wild Growth) and the RP lures and joins the fight on his spot.