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I want to know the best spots in the whole Issavi for solo or team and around what level I will need to go, along with some information about what vocation would be good.
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Sorry I could not understand your question. Could you be more clear?
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now this question seems better.... That was hard to fix. Maybe it makes sense now with the answer that he picked as the best one.

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Monsters on Issavi/Kilmaresh are very strong for low levels. Most entrances lower than the city (ladders/stairs) can be fatal dead. When I tried to beat these new monsters (Sphinx, Goanna) of course with utamo vita on my 295ms three monsters could kill me standing "no motion". I think that pulling one monster for 250lvl is already possible beating him from sd. You can block the bridge by mwalls or stand on energy bomb with summon? But I still see high-level RP and EK here usually.
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Issavi severs is the most popular hunting spot so far, you can hunt here with team from lvl 300 even to lvl 800+. Ofcourse the lower level you've got, the worse xp/h you'll make.

Lamassu/Sphinx north from the city and north/west from the boat - typical SD style for lower levels, but I'm not sure if profit is good enough to treat this spot as good. I guess that the only advantage is that these monsters are easy to kill by SDs.

Sphinx/Crypt Wardens beneath Lamassu/Sphinx spot - as I've heard from my friend, 700+ RP: "quite ok, but waste".

Mountain with Sun Priests etc. - exp worse than on severs, but might be enough for lower levels in team.