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Hello, I was wondering if it's worth to kill Ankrahmun Pharaohs for the loot. Which of these Bosses is most profitable for rare items such as Holy Falcon or Phoenix Shield etc.?

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Here is a list of Pharaohs and the approximate value of their most expensive rare item currently. Based on this your best bet would be Ashmunrah, Dipthrah, or Morguthis. This may very over time and based on your server.

AshmunrahHoly Scarab10kk-14kk
DipthrahPharaoh sword8kk-10kk
MahrdisHoly Falcon2.5kk-3.2kk
MorguthisRavager's axe10kk-12kk
RahemosTwin axe1.1kk-1.5kk
ThalasDjinn blade100k-300k
VashresamunAncient Tiara2.5kk-3.5kk

Source: Price Checker

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hello,  if you are looking to get more rare and expensive loot, you should consider between holy scarab, phoenix shield and holy falcon. Of those 3, the possibility of obtaining a holy scarab is even more rarer.

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which pharaohs drop those items?
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Ashmunrah : Holy Scarab (very rare)
Mahrdis: Phoenix shield (very rare) and Holy falcon (very rare)
killing Mahrids you have more change to drop 2 rare items.
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