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Recently I found out that the Wooden Whistle can disappear after use, which surprised me and at the same time intrigued me to learn that other items as rare as this one can disappear when used apart of Wooden Whistle and Cornucopia? so I can warn me and be careful about it. (regardless of mounts or addons, I just wanna know about decoration/valuable items)

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ahh okey, now it's all clear. I misunderstood the question. As far as i know, there are no more such items like wooden whistle and cornucopia. I thought that you also include Crackling Egg among the valuable items. My bad :)
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Hello Daissy! Maybe I didnt explain well myself but I was looking for an answer about if have more rare items with same condition of wooden whistle and cornucopia. That broke after several uses.

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Some decoration items make movements and "sound effects" with words when using and this makes some items have the chance to disappear like the piggy bank it will depend on your luck. In short, few items can disappear, such as the wooden whistle (a rare item obtained from Fernfang) and Cornucopia (a rare item obtained from Dharalion).

Interesting to know that both items are considered musical instruments. When you use the wooden whistle you have the chance to play musical notes in yellow or it will summon a wolf (opinion: the reason for summing a wolf when using the wooden whistle was due to the fact that Fernfang is a wolf trainer and uses that instrument in training. With Fernfang, there are war wolfs that are already trained wolves and the little common wolf that sumona whistle is some that he is still starting his training and has not had the chance to turn him into a war wolf that you killed him xD). As for the item Cornucopia, you can create bunches of grapes or else it will play yellow notes as well. Unlike the wooden whistle you need to be lucky to keep from disappearing, Cornucopia has a certain number of times that you can use this item without it disappearing forever. With this item you will be able to create 10 bunches of grapes before it disappears. This item is very reminiscent of Lord of the Rings xD.

When the wooden whistle and cornucopia disappear you don't get anything special (achiv) you just lose your item. So far there is nothing related to these items except the information mentioned above.

There are other items used as decoration that also disappear when used once and are in the food category. They are: Anniversary Cake, Birthday Cake, Meringue Cake, etc ...

Other items are also loot of some creatures from events that happen periodically. They are: all surprises bags (unlike a normal bag that opens 8 slots these items disappear when used and create another random item) and the explosive present purchased from NPC Hoaxette in Thais during the 1st of April (when you blow up the gift you get an achiv).