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As often as possible I'm trying to kill the boss named Tentugly's Head . As we know it is possible to loot Cheesy Key necessary to finish the Hidden Treasure Quest and here is my question: how does the reward system work in case of this item?

I didn't loot it from my first boss and I had to borrow the key to get my figurine. Next 2 or 3 bosses was also without any key... but now I loot the key litrally from every boss. On the other hand my friend looted it from his first boss and it was the only key he ever looted even though he killl Tentugly's Head everyday.

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I find it weird, I thought this loot was more on the common side. I've killed the boss probably 15~ times and have never looted.
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same here as xarkost have killed since the quest started never got a key, i had to borrow one from my guild mate, he has like 5

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I think it's impossible to loot it after you opened reward chest at "The Journey" island.

That's just my observation, but I've killed it 15+ times and never looted it again, and every member of my party got this item from first kill (including me).

Just a theory, might be wrong tho.
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I thought it works like this, but I opened the chest the second day after update implementation and now I'm looting it everyday. Maybe it's due to a bug or such. :s