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Today I noticed that the fansite Rookie.com.pl is no longer listed as a supported/promoted fansite on Tibia.com. Usually, when fansites are excluded from the programme, official announcements are made by Cipsoft. So far, I found only a notification from 4th of January 2021 stating that Rookie was experiencing technical issues with their website. Does it mean that the website was temporarily removed from the programme? How does it work - as in in which circumstances this can be done and for how long it can last before final removal?
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Rookie.com.pl asked to be temporarily off of the list as they improve their website. I got confirmation of this last week when I messaged them through Facebook about it. This question of course could probably be only answered by messaging customer support.

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When the fansite is temporarily offline, due to problems in the page's server, updates, etc., it is temporarily removed from the list of fansites, until the page is enabled again, this happens when the administrator is not notified in time. fansites, and later it is published on a sticker.
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Yes, is possible.

Some month ago the Fansite TibiArt was involved in a problem related with Tibia Coins, so by some weeks (Invetigation) the was removed from the fansite program,m them when they prove dont make nothing wrong they back.

The fansite admin is a friend.
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You're missing, "How does it work - as in in which circumstances this can be done and for how long it can last before final removal?"
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The circumstances are by the issue with the fansite, so there is no way to know all circumstances.

In the case of Rook Cipsoft give their some months (Not sure about how many months) to make the improvement, or they will be expelled to the fansite program.

I remember very clear some years ago same happend to another fansite with a issue in ther web, at the end of some months they cant recover the data and was expelled  (Dont remember what fansite was).