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How and where is the best way to finish Sight of Surrender bestiary?

What team composition is advised? And what level is recommended / needed?
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I understand that I am german and my english is not the best. Though I wonder why you edit every of my questions? Constellation is a perfect word for my question. I mean, it comes from the word "Konstellation" which is german so I know what it means ^^
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In English a Constellation refers to a grouping of stars in the sky. When referring to the makeup of a team you would want the word composition which refers to "what something is made of, or a thing composed of various elements"
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Okay, I guess then it has a different meaning. Thanks though. Learned something :)
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No problem!

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The best area to complete Sight of Surrender bestiary is in the Dark Grounds by Roshamuul depot. You can find 6 Sight of Surrender here with no other creatures. The Dark Grounds can be opened when the server has completed 20 Soothing Bad Dreams task. More information on this can be found here. Once that has been completed the Dark Grounds will open for 15-25 days starting at the following server save. 

The entrance to the spawn can be found here:

The best way to finish the bestiary would be during Rapid Respawn when a large team is hunting here. All you have to do is hit them once for them to count in your bestiary. During the event you can sometimes find 10-20 people at a time doing these which will make them go quickly. 

Outside of the event the most efficient way is to have either a Knight or Paladin that will be blocking them and having enough shooters to kill them quickly as they have a lot of health.


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Thank you! Can you add something about the lvl recommondation?
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I went with a friend (EK 650 - ED 700) before RR and the respawn broken after we kill the first 6 Sights. That's why I recommend to go during rapid. During rapid it takes us around 5h to finish full bestiary with a PT with 10 players (+/-)
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The level recommendation can vary pretty heavily and how are you hunting them. Oriibsz stated they overkilled spawn at EK 650 - ED 700. You can solo them as a paladin over level 300 but it would be very slow. If you were to go during Rapid Respawn when there are 10+ other people there you could be on a level 100 just throwing avalanche and still get credit for the kills.