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I wanted to decorate my house using some art-related items avaliable in Tibia. Can you list all of them? (sprites will be very appreciated!)

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I found some items that can help you create what you are talking about. I focused not only on art, but also on sculpture, knitting and handcrafts. I hope it helped you :)


  •  Paintings are definition of art
  •   Furniture "Artist" Set
  •  Furniture "Sculptor" Set

15th Anniversary items

          (they are available on market, but it's rare to find)

artist's brush (paint)artist's brush artist's canvas artist's palette Easel (or easel kit) Artist's Easel  & Masterpiece of Gozzler of Muse & Painting of Muse  of Gozzler 

to create it you need items in advance: artist's brush with paint (use palette on brush) + canvas + easel kit. You can also buy it from players.


  •  - cheap paitings (you can buy from Hireligs or furniture shop)
  • bowl of terror sweatessence of wishful thinkingessence of dreadvial with any fluidgolden brush grave flower extractlock pick magical paintdwarven pickaxeclay marble statuebricklayers kit empty goldfish bowlheavy stone hammer large pliers golden cotton reelmalfur's lunchbox  medicine pouch model ship nail case  pathfinder kit piece of marble rock  poison gland clay statuered paint scalpel pink fluidskinning knifeunicorn figurineversicolour fireworks powderpaiting of a girl shadow paint

in my opinion, these items can be useful as tools for creating sculptures, as paints, as containers-tools for artistic accessories, as paints, sewing supplies

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I like how you arranged it! Much better than I did :) With structure!
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haha thanks. I wrote it for over 30 minutes, so wasn't answer yet.
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Very nice list. Just to add Ice cube and lion mosaic
Worth of considering: masks for “theatre style” and figurines/statues for museum style;-)
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I think it's also worth to add music items, piano, lute etc :)
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I would say following items are perfect for your decoration:

  • Painting of a Muse Painting of a Muse.gif
  • Painting of a Gozzler Painting of a Gozzler.gif
  • Masterpiece of a Muse Masterpiece of a Muse.gif
  • Masterpiece of a Gozzler Masterpiece of a Gozzler.gif
  • Artist's Brush Artist's Brush (With Ink).gif
  • Artist's Palette Artist's Palette.gif
  • Aritst's Easel Artist's Easel.gif
  • Artist's Canvas Artist's Canvas.gif
  • Red Paint Red Paint.gif
  • Ice Cube Ice Cube.gif
  • Ice Cube (Head) 
  • Ice Cube (Tusks)
  • Ice Cube (Mammoth)
  • Ice Mammoth Ice Mammoth.gif
  • Painting of a Girl Painting of a Girl.gif
  • Ferumbras Portrait Ferumbras Portrait.gif
  • Grandiose Painting
  • Tibia Streets Painting Tibia Streets Painting.gif
  • Arrival at Thais Painting Arrival at Thais Painting.gif
  • Dungeon Scene Painting Dungeon Scene Painting.gif
  • Painting of Tibiasula Painting of Tibiasula.gif
  • Clay Lump Clay Lump.gif
  • Rough Clay Statue Rough Clay Statue.gif
  • Clay Statue Clay Statue.gif
  • Pretty Clay Statue Pretty Clay Statue.gif
  • Skull Candle Skull Candle.gif
  • Skull Skull (Item).gif
  • Goromaphone Goromaphone.gif
  • Abyssador's Lash Abyssador's Lash.gif
  • Bloody Tears Bloody Tears.gif
  • Fireworks Powder in all colours Versicolour Fireworks Powder.gif
  • Book Page Book Page.gif
  • Colourful Feathers Colourful Feathers.gif
  • Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Fruit.gif
  • all kind of glob Glob of Acid Slime.gif
  • all kind of statues from NPC Small Ice Statue (Fish).gif
  • True Heart of the Sea True Heart of the Sea.gif
  • Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit.gif
  • Ground Reed Ground Reed.gif
Some seem so random, but I have something in my mind atm ^^