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Yesterday the ladybugs started spawning, but even today its not open? does anyone knows if this is a bug or it is indeed intended to happen?

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This is currently a bug that CIP is aware of and looking into.

"Hey Hive is not working correctly anymore, it has been on stage 3 in Estela like 2-3 days, Ladybugs are running at hive surface and guide npcs are telling that hive is on 3rd stage. BUT when you are trying to enter west tower (stage 3 tower/basement) whole tower is blocked off. Also noticed on forums that this is happening on different worlds also."

Response by Skerio:
"Thanks for the reports, we are aware of these issues and we are looking into them."

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39138266#post39138266