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Today, with luck, I dropped the most desired weapon I would love, the Falcon Longsword.

  Falcon Longsword

(Atk: 56, Def: 34, sword fighting +4, protection earth +10%).

It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 300 or higher.

It weighs 82.00 oz. Imbuement Slots: 2​​​​​​

With all this information about the sword, what are the best hunts I can do with it?

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Congratulations to your loot luck! yes

The earth protection is considerable and I would recommend these places to hunt:

  1. Deeper Banuta Here you can easily hunt solo as 300+ EK. You will encounter medusae , hydras  and serpent spawns . Do not forget life drain protection! xD
  2. Carnivora's Rocks I recommend rather doing ED-EK duo because the menacing carnivor's  can hurt a lot! Prepare some stone skin amulets and might rings , if you solo hunt there and get into troubles. I have been there as MS EK and the 400+ EK had serious issues and got strong hits. Use on top physical protection in general =)

Well, Haunted Cellar in Venore is also possible but only if you imbue your weapon with ice or fire damage (the latter is better). There you will encounter Ripper spectre  and arachnophobica . But I think, summerblade is much better, for the damage.