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From what I understand I have to Transmutate several times next to the Transmutator located in Yalahar, but, how many times do I need to do it? What Items I should use?

What exactly do I need to do to receive achievement "Transmutator"?

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There are 22 transmutations. You need do all transmutations once to get achievement.

You can see list with items and monsters below:


Post created by Hunter of Dragoes:

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I just tested the links and they worked for me. These are plain text lists.

It's a huge list of tested items. When I published our findings, we had tested ~700 items that were implemented till update 8.4 - this is when Yalahar was implemented - and ~100 more items that were implemented between 8.4 and 8.54. After the spoiler publication, a couple hundred more items were tested and we now passed the mark of 1000 tested items that does not work at the transmutator machine. Given the list size, it would be too time consuming to take screenshots of all these tested items. Even recording a video of our full list - with both tested and untested items - which contains item sprites would take some time and wouldn't be easy for you to check what has been tested and what hasn't.

Anyway, since this is a personal research made by a few players, I am not sure if making a question about it would really fit to TibiaQA's policy.
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Hello. I believe that it is a personal problem that I am having right now. I am using the Microsoft Edge browser, btw. I gonna investigate it further.  It shows this: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when I try to access.

I appreciate anyway your effort on such interesting task! Hopefully I will be able to check the list by myself soon!
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Hello, I recommend instead of an image to copy and paste the results from your source as an image can sometimes disappear. :)