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Is there an achievement which gives 0 achievement points? If yes, why is that so?

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There is only one Achievement - The More the Merrier which was added on 11 August 2015. It was “nerfed” as It was highly criticised by the players.

This achievement used to be of grade 1 and give 3 points, but the backlash CipSoft faced for implementing an achievement involving real-life expenditures urged them to change it into a worthless curio on September 15, 2015. However, it can inexplicably still be earned by anyone willing to satisfy the requirements (albeit to no effect). Only players who earned it prior to CipSoft's rectification can select to display it on their character page, though.


asked Mar 20, 2021 by (4,210 points) Can I still get achievement The More the Merrier?
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I don't have this achievement and have the full outfit for years now.
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The fact that you didn't get an in-game message and it is not listed among your unlocked achievements doesn't mean you don't have it. Remember this is a special 0-point achievement. Even players who have this achievement displayed on their characters say that they cannot see it in their achievement lists, so they will probably lose it if they ever edit their displayed achievements again.