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I know there are some Wisps Wisp in Tiquanda or near Hero Cave Edron. But I am wondering what is the best place to complete Wisp bestiary. Thank you in advance 

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The best place to complete Wisp bestiary is in Edron forest, please see map below:

Source: https://tibiopedia.pl/monsters/Wisp

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Loot: Very rare: Moon Backpack.

The wispy bestiary is something you can focus on during other hunts, for example, in Feiryst, making bestiary of other monsters and thus being able to advance in the wisp creature. Something that would be easier and faster would also score during a quick respawn.

Answering your question, the best place to make this bestiary is to think about the quantity, so according to the Tibia fandom, you can find several groups of three to four Wisps in and around the forests north of Edron.

Wisp | TibiaWiki | Fandom

image: Wisp - Tibia Wiki

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Save it for the rapid respawn and put fire bombs on darashia wasp tower:)

Also around gryzzli tower with fire bombs can be good for wasp, snake, bug, flamingo bestiary.
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there's wisps in wasp tower? im sorry, the user is asking about wisps not wasps ;o