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Hello. For final boss of Pirate's Tail Quest, Ratmiral Blackwhiskers I equipped a lot of life drain protection, like Bone Fiddle, Ring of Souls, Necklace of the Deep.

My question is - for which hunting places/ other bosses Life Drain protection is required?

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Hey =)

First: It's very good, if you use as much life drain protection as possible while defeating Ratmiral Blackwhiskers. It's ideal, if you use Ring of Souls, Bone Fiddle + Necklace of the deep yes

Hunting places with life-drain damage:

  1. The most life-draining place is known to be Deeper Banuta (TibiaWiki: Deeper Banuta). The creatures (medusae, serpent spawns + hydras as well as ghastly dragons, all do life drain damage. Also, undead dragons have a tough life drain wave TibiaWiki: Undead Dragon)
  2. Another place are the Brain Grounds: The cave belongs to the Feaster of Souls Quest and it's located in the north of of Jakundaf Desert. All creatures there (Flimsy Lost SoulsMean Lost Souls + Freakish Lost Soul) do life-drain, death and physical damage but it's not 100% clear which one is the most, for distance fighters (mages, paladins, if not taking) the first two should be the most considerable ones). But those creatures can also be found in Zarganash (Vengoth)
  3. During Ferumbras' Ascension Quest you encounter Vexclaws, Grimeleechs, Demons and many more. The named creatures also do a noticeable amount of life drain.
  4. I am not aware of many others but here is a little list of life-draining creatures: TibiaWiki: Life-Draining Creatures

I think most of the bosses do death and physical damage, I also often saw earth + fire damage. But Ratmiral seems to be the paramount example of life draining bosses.