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It is known that Tibia and Fibula are leg bones in Latin. Are there any more examples of names in the game that are taken from Latin language?

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  • The game's name Tibia is also a medical (Latin) name assigned to the shinbone.
  • The Fibula is the bone placed behind the Tibia, and it is also known as the calf bone.
  • Femor Hills is probably named after the Femur, the thigh bone.
  • Mount Sternum refers to the Sternum, the breastbone.
  • Villa Scapula is named after the Scapula, the shoulder blade.
  • An island north of Fibula, called Calcanea, refers to the Calcaneus, the heel bone.
  • Lady Tenebris - Lady of Shadows; Lady of Darkness
  • Galea Mortis- Galea- Helmet, Mortis- Death, 
  • Some spells formulas are based on Latin words. For example: "Exana" is based on the latin word "sana", which is a feminine adjective meaning "healthy"; lux- light
  • Anything to do with elements / nature parts as in - Terra (earth); Frigo (Ice); Mort(death); san (healthy/holy); flam (fire); vis (energy), vita (life)

World names:

- Antica is a latin word that means old.

- Vigintia (from Latin vigÄ“ns'flourishing')

- Secura is derived from Latin meaning "secure

- Inferna is derived from the Latin word "inferna", which means "underworld" ("loca inferna" means "hell")

- Libera is derived from Latin "Liber"

- Harmonia it's name is the Latin word for'Harmony'

- Luminera comes from the Latin "Luminus",

- Dolera from Latin dolor (pain, sorrow, anguish...)

- Aurea is a Latin word, that means gold.

- Hiberna comes from a Latin word that means "Winter".

Unitera may be derived from the Latin word'uniter'

Honera is derived from the latin word "Honor" meaning "Honour"

Arcania comes from the Latin word arcanum, which means "a secret, a mystery".

Furora is probably derived from the Latin word Furor which means madnessinsanity.

- Fidera most likely comes from the Latin word "Fidelis" which means "Faithful".

Rubera comes from the latin word for "ruby"

- Magera most likely comes from the Latin word "Magia" which means "Magic"

Tenebra derives from Latin, which means shadowy in all its senses (though as a noun)

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Did_You_Know 

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The Island of Calcanea is like Thais and Fibula also named after a bone. Specifically the calcaneus bone in the foot.


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some item names are also latin, like the  "depth scutum" , in wich scutum is shield in latin.
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