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A Wrinkled Bonelord, known by us as “Blinky”, has his own name in language 469. Do you know what is it?

Please note that I do not look for speculations found on forums, I am looking a confirmed source from the Cipsoft.
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I like your attitude :D
You mark the time:) my answer is ready...  and actually it can be easy to find it
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Ups.. someone was faster than you ;X
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no problem he was faster to reach him i was on my way to ask him that xD

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His name is 486486 and he will tell you his name if you ask.

19:59 Xarkost Eilia [481]: name
19:59 A Wrinkled Bonelord: I'm 486486 and NOT 'Blinky' as some people called me ... before they died. So don't ... confuse your numbers, as my kind says.

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I would also add https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=3704&fbegind=13&fbeginm=4&fbeginy=2016&fendd=13&fendm=5&fendy=2017&flist=11111111
It is amazing article to read.
Can I also ask you to confirm if he reacts to his name? :-)
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I added your source. Also, I will make the trip down myself to confirm later and update my answer then :)
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I updated with the actual transcript from going to the NPC
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