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could someone help me in locating and how to get this item?

I've seen many of the Book of Orc Language scattered around houses as decoration, I would like to get one, how to get it?

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This item was obtained from The Rookie Guard Quest, located on the island of Rookgaard.

Your reward is Experience Points, 350 gps, Studded Shield, Saber, 7 Small Health Potion, Star Ring, Brass Helmet, Studded Armor, Leather Boots, Garlic Necklace, Silver Amulet, Sword, Brass Shield, Pick, Small Ruby, 30 Eggs , 10 Brown Mushrooms.

During mission 6 "Attack":

"Returning to Vascalir, he will tell you that the Trolls managed to dig a tunnel to invade and set fire to the library vault. You need to go down there and save an important book on Orc Language from the ashes. Descend north of Vascalir and head north, east and west until you see a single staircase. Go down, go around the aquarium containing the Blood Crab and enter the door that leads to the library stairs. Remember to have a reasonable amount of HP, as you will cough a lot in the fire and this will cause you to lose some hitpoints. In the north of the library there will be the chest, and a special Destroy Field Rune on a table. Use the rune on the fire to weaken it and use the chest to recover the book. Come back, say: hi, yes to Vascalir and he will give you 100 experience points."



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This item could be obtained during the The Rookie Gard Quest during the Mission 7 inside a chest.

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correction, this item was obtained during the rookie guard quest is not longer obtainable since the start of that quest was basically erased from tibia and replaced with downport
You can still go to rookgaard
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you can still go to rook but in order to do the quest you NEED to start at rook wich is no longer posible
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