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It is possible to get the Small Golden Anchor in the Liquid Black Quest doing the Soul Net mission. Is it possible to get this at any time or only during a certain stage for the World Change?

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In the mission 'Dark desintegration', after receiving the Soul net you must enter to Fiehonja

Your objective is to purify the piles of Deepling Spawn (Cursed) by using the soul net on them (you may repeat this mission as many times you want)

You must wait 5 minutes after the final purification for the evil Deepling spirits to regenerate. Rarely, purifying the final spawn will yield a Small Golden Anchor

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For receiving the small golden anchor  you need to do the Soul Net Mission.

According to Tibia Wikis Quest Spoiler for Liquid Black Quest you can do this mission at any stage:

​​​​​And here is written how the mission works: Spoiler for Soul Net mission