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With the summer update 2020 an Ancient Feud mission is implemented as a continuation of a Grimvale Quest.

According to Tibiopedia and it's spoiler during one mission we can get Lion's Mane Flower and cut it to get some Chopped Lion Mane Petals .

Can we get it only during the quest (like Voodoo Lilly Pollen) or we can get as many petals we want, no matter if the quest is done or not?

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My edit was just to change 'durign' to 'during'.
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You can still take the Lion's Mane Flower and chop it into the Chopped Lion Mane Petals once you have completed the quest.

Source: I did the quest today and tested it after I finished the quest line and was testing the shortcuts

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Just changed one Name to Mane