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When digging Venore swamps for Leech a leech, sometimes you can obtain dead snakes or diamonds instead. Is there a reason or background story for it or is it just random items?

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Yes, there is an article I'd love to share some lines but recommend you read the full story here which is my source of the image as well: Aug 01 2008 - The Almost Forgotten Past of Snakes

Snakes are fond of shiny, glimmering and sparkling things so you can imagine that they devoured all gemstones and jewels they could find. However, hard times laid before them. Stories about the untold treasures that snakes carry with them spread like wildfire and soon Zathroth the Destroyer started to take an interest in them. He considered the poor snakes easy prey and a source of great wealth that his minions could use to equip themselves for battle. Zathroth told his evil hordes to hunt them down, take the loot and sell it off whenever they need some short-term money. The snakes could not defend themselves successfully, their poison was not strong enough to knock out a fierce orc. Howeverimage, it did not take long until Fardos the Creator and Uman the Wise learned about Zathroth's new source of wealth and they came up with a clever idea on how to spoil his plans. With their mighty powers they sealed the snakes for all time so no one could ever open their bodies again to take the treasures inside. Though the snakes were now saved from getting hunted down for gems and jewels, they were panicked and filled with terror. Oh, how they feared Zathroth's whirlwind of fury!"

"Every old snake, be it a cobra, a sea serpent or just an ordinary green snake, they all return to the place where their ancestors were born when death is close at hand. Then, they go into a deep trance and let themselves sink to the bottom of the swamp to rest beside them in eternal sleep. Today, most people think that snakes do not have any loot but now you know that this is not true."


A snake’s body rots away of course but gems do not. Rumour has it, that the swamps around Venore are full of valuables, treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

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Wow, I liked the story.
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According to a survey I did on the tibia wiki and tibia fandom, I believe they are just random items because I didn't find any stories or anything related.

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I am afraid you are wrong.  There is a lore story behind it....Dig deeper- maybe you will find this "diamond":D