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Could this trunk just be for flavor or is there something more to it? How do I unlock this mysterious trunk?  It says it "seems impossible" and I cannot find any additional information about it being possible at the moment...

This trunk is located south of Liberty Bay 2 floors above NPC Marcus.

Here's some research I have done-

  1. I interviewed Marcus- He seems a little suspicious but isn't giving me any hints.
  2. I browsed fansites and they didn't give me any new information- Heavy Trunk - TibiaWiki
  3. I used the following items on the trunk with no luck- crowbar, wooden hammer, trunkhammer, iron hammer, hammer, giant smithhammer, battlehammer, lock pick, fire bomb rune, and lastly a disintegrate rune.

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There is an item called faked label with client id near this trunk. It has 'use with' I suppose to do on the trunk. Maybe to steal or change the receiver.

Thieves guild? Ahmet in ank that forges documents?

Also, Isolde had quest bubble according to tibia wikia.
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Yeah, I always believed those items were related, perhaps all you need to do is to use the label "with" the trunk. But how to get it remains unknown.
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Let me get crazy with it then, since it is a mystery to be solved here. There is so much information in game about this that there is no chance this is just left without any progress...

NPC Marcus gives us some information. However he tells us about Ferumbras

Player: ferumbras

Marcus: Although he's dead, they say that he is the father of all klabautermen.

Player: klabautermen

Marcus: A klabauterman is some sort of imp that lives on ships and plays quite evil and sometimes lethal pranks on those who annoy him or don't buy his sympathy with little gifts.


The trunk is the same as the one that we find in the demon cellar in liberty bay:

Marcus says, the klabauterman is pleased with some gifts but he don't give information about what we should give to it.
But turns out there is a book about those, and btw. the name klabauterman is real life thing
The book in tibia, however 

The klabautermen are a race of impish, mischievous beings that live on ships. Using invisibility and other magic, they remain unseen most of the time. But be warned, if you antagonise the klabauterman of a ship, his harmless pranks will turn dangerous. In general it is a smart move to keep your klabauterman happy with little presents and a lot of rum.

Comparing that to Marcus response, we get new information, that they love rum, and are indeed imps. 
All of those take place in update 7.8 where the ferumbras comes to live once again.  

But going back to the real life klabauterman myths, those are an variant of sea kobolts in reality. More info here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koboldz

As wikia states, there can be house spirits, mine spirits, sea spirits and so on. The one that Marcus tells about are sea ones, but inside cave, I think it is quite simple that those are the mine spirits, not only that we found him inside the cave, but also that the cellar is located below jewelery shop, where Chantalle npc is located. Furthermore the name Chantal means "stone". 

Then Chantalle mentions Mr.Loveless who is ambassador of Venore, and you can see where the story will go on here. 
Theodore Loveless mentions that:

Venore has become an impressive little point of trade for wares from all over the world. The steady work pays off and brings us a modest state of luxury ..

But also about our point of Ferumbras saying

I heard he has some relation to these isles. To learn more about it, you probably talk to the mage from Edron that resides in a tower here in the city. 

So from this point the story have 2 paths to choose. One heading towards Ferumbras, and one towards Venore trades...

All of this about the Ferumbras being father of those imps, or we shall name them "kobolts" now can be just a teaser for an update to came into tibia featuring new race - Kobolts. Like it was done previously with many other updates ex. Asuras, or Cobra Basin.

If we talk to the Malunga (the mage) she will mention a lot of details about the isle, but about Ferumbras she will guide us to go to Edron towers, which start the Ferumbras Citadel storyline from there.

Player: ferumbras

Malunga: I will not discuss this issue now and here. If you have any questions about him, the academy in Edron is the place to ask ...Malunga: Considering that this is a rather delicate issue, you should have a good reason to ask though.


If we go back to idea about Chantal, it could be just about the stone - cobalt, that it yet to be seen in game, or perhaps the new Venore revamped roofs are made of it, the stone could be locked inside the chest there, to be imported somewhere...

Furthermore the achievement name after you sail 1250 times is "Ship's Kobold".

Going with Malunga transcripts, she tells about the disaster that happened on the Shattered Isles centuries ago - thus the name...
and furthermore you can start the Shaterred Isles quests inside Liberty bay when you would stick to any of the npc transcripts, which later connects to the Ferumbras Citadel storyline.

 But ye, the story can be expanded to a lot other things, that are spoken inside the Liberty Bay, so you can see where all of this can go. All of this is just a piece of information that takes part somewhere else. It is not like you will open the quest doors by doing something near them. Keep it and have your eyes open while look at tibia, so one time someone will connect this all together to reveal something unknown that already exist in game.

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It is a theory however, as you mentioned it is update where ferumbras citadel is established. Furthermore, ferumbras himself needed to still build the tower there, so he might hired people from liberty bay to help him (or convinced/fooled them).
You end up on goroma by a mistake while traveling on boat, but it might be that the klabautermen fooled capitan to end up there, so the packages could be transported - so as ferumbras is father of all klabautermen and then we have cellar which is guarded by demon (and ferumbras is one of few able to summon demons), and we have mysterious trunk at shipyard, then for me it is obvious that it is ferumbras cellar, and also that he somehow still needed to transport some goods to his citadel, which are displayed at his treasure room.

Each ship have it own klabautermen -> ferumbras can control ships when he wants

But if you connect Chantelle and Mr.Loveless to this, who is from venore, then it is quickly to notice, that the trunk is being transported to venore rather than to ferumbras citadel.

And venore does have transcripts talking about shady deals. npc Xed:
"honset" -> "Well, I overheard the boss discussing some shady deals with a man in a black cloak."
"shady deals"   -> "Something about a sword only great warlords can use and a rare distance fighting item."
"rare distance fighting item" -> "Yes, but I believe this is nothing but lies seeing that there are only a few distance fighting weapons."

If you look now how Mr.Loveless looks https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Theodore_Loveless - he is indeed man in black cloak.

Xed works at Ironhouse at Venore, his boss is Abran Ironeye.

So we can see, that the ferumbras update continued a little story here in venore, as now we know with who Abran Ironeye makes shady deals - he does them with Theodore Loveless from venore.
What is in that trunk then - it might be something connected to weapons, as this is Ironhouse, but it can be something special for the boss - and we know that Abran Ironeye for instance have a teddy bear, that has been rumoured for many mysteries.

Going on with changes into Venore there was some transcripts added at some point to Ashtamor who reacts with transcript. And Ashtamor is highly connected to afterlife and ascension, and that topic interest ferumbras the most.
"slim" -> "Ashtamor: This man is so old and looks so unhealthy that I expect him to become my customer every day."

He talks about Leeland Slim. The way how it is written is similar to Mr. Loveless transcripts about people at liberty bay. It could mean that the same person wrote those, and the mystery here is around understanding what npcs talks about eachother.
I bring this up to show, that there were some hidden changes going on at updates to npcs, which could mean the stories unfinished in past, might now be finished and waiting to be solved.  

This whole scenery is just there to point that there are some shady deals/smuggling  going on ships that can be either going to some mystery to venore, or to ferumbras citadel directly. If I would make a bet on it I would say the trunk is connected to venore to a mystery that has been unfinished in past, but cipsoft finished it at ferumbras update so the attention is lost.

Shady deals for a sword and a rare distance fighting item - " seeing that there are only a few distance ".
Update 8.2 solves that, and gives us unobtainable to this day distance weapons.

Is this whole mystery has been bring back to life by cipsoft to shred a new light on solving Elethriel Elemental's Bow or Yol's bow that has no info about them at all?

I would be on Elethriel Elemental's bow, as it has been displayed at Pythius the rotten treasure room, to bring attention of us that a bow is obtainable somwhere there, at beregar, but now after researching a topic about heavy trunk mystery, I belive this is the correct path here, and cipsoft but that bow at beregar to fool us and mislead. Furthermore the color of that bow is same as cobalt.

And as mentioned on comment by Allan Kreed, that label probably is used there to deliver that package somehow.
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First of all, I see you're very motivated at your researches and theories which is admirable.

Right, the trunk is in a shipyard, klabautermen are related to ships and Ferumbras, ships from LB mysteriously wrack on Goroma which is the starting point to reach Ferumbras Citadel.

However, I'm not sure if the Venorean ambassador/spokesman - Theodore Loveless - has anything to do with the klabautermen. It might be too much extending Venore's own rumours to other cities just because it is known for its port business.

Regarding the demon cellar in LB, it might be an allusion just like the turtles room, except that the first is a not-so-obvious allusion.

At a first glance, it looks like the klabautermen could be related to the pirates who are deeply related to ships and were also implemented with LB. Would Ferumbras - the klabautermen "father" - be behind all the pirates afterall? The answer to this question might be a "yes" and, at the same time, the klabautermen might have nothing to do with the heavy trunk. So, yes, you have a good theory, but many theories are possible.
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I expanded that idea, and wrote bout it on tibiasecrets https://tibiasecrets.com/father-of-all-klabautermen/
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There is no key, don’t get crazy with that Issue.

I think it’s just another easter egg of tibia or maybe just decoration stuff.
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Most of the items which are in the game have some purpose in the game, they are part of the quest or even lore. So " going crazy" and question them is a natural thing.