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In Tibias Forum we can use a HTML-like code, which enables us to make some formattings, such as bold, italic, etc.

Also, lists are possible. I also saw people link other players so you can visit the according to the character page.

My question is: What is this code/language called and how many "commands" exist? Please give a list and also mention special, tibia-related elements, e.g. playername.

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Name of the language- BBCode.

May I refer you to manual, section about forumhttps://www.tibia.com/gameguides/?subtopic=manual&section=forum

Replace Code
Text of posts can include so-called replace code that will change the layout of the text. Replace code works similar to common HTML you may already be familiar with. Replace codes are short commands that are written in brackets. To use a replace code simply put it in front of the text you would like to change. Remember that another replace code is needed to mark the end of text. This end code is similar to the original code and just includes an additional forward slash. Example: You would like to highlight a word by underlining it. To do so you must put the corresponding replace code [u] in front of it. Also, the corresponding end code [/u] must be placed at the end of the word to indicate the end of the highlighted text. Make sure no blank spaces are overlooked between the word and the replace codes. In the following you will find a list of all replace codes that are available on the Tibia forum. Note that certain replace codes may be disabled on certain boards. The list of board rights will show which replace codes are available for the board or thread you are currently viewing.

  • Web Links: [url]www.cipsoft.com[/url] or [url="http://www.cipsoft.com/"]CipSoft Website[/url]
    Links to internet sites can be made by using the replace code [url]. Keep in mind that if the option "Automatically Parse URLs" is enabled, this replace code will be placed automatically around internet addresses.
  • Tibia Links: [tibia=http://www.tibia.com/abouttibia/?subtopic=screenshots]Screenshots[/tibia]
    Links to www.tibia.com and its sub-sites can be enabled as clickable links on all public boards using the replace code [tibia]. Note that this will work only for sub-sites that actually exist. Make sure to always write "http://" resp. "https://"in front of the link. If you would like to link to the Tibia main page, please add a slash at the end of the link [tibia=http://www.tibia.com/]Tibia main page[/tibia].
  • Thread Links: [thread=XXX]thread title[/thread]
    If you wish to link to a thread on the forum of tibia.com, you may alternatively use the replace code [thread=XXX]. Please insert the number of the thread for the XXX. This alternative offers you the possibility to finally also link to a forum thread on public boards.
  • Post Links: [post=XXX]post title[/post]
    You can also link to a specific post in a thread using the replace code [post=XXX] where XXX is the number of the corresponding post. The post number is displayed in the bottom right corner of the respective post.
  • News Links: [news=XXX]news title[/news]
    To link to a specific news, use the replace code [news=XXX] where XXX is the number of the corresponding news. To find out its number, search the news, news ticker or featured article you want to link in the news archive. Look at the link that is displayed in your browser now and look up the number that is displayed behind "id=".
    Example: You will see a link like the following:
    You need the number behind "newsarchive&id=". In this example the number you are looking for is 288.
  • Email Links: [email]support@tibia.com[/email]
    If you would like to create a link to an email address, you can do so by using this replace code. Note that this feature is disabled on all public boards.
  • Bold Text: [b]bold text[/b]
    Text can be highlighted by using this replace code.
  • Italic Text: [i]italic text[/i]
    This replace code will cause text to be displayed in italics.
  • Underlined Text: [u]underlined text[/u]
    Text marked by this replace code will be underlined.
  • Unordered Lists: [list] [*]item [*]item [/list]
    By using this replace code you can create lists. Every item of the list must be marked individually with an asterisk put in brackets [*].
  • Ordered Lists: [list=1] [*]item [*]item [/list=1]
    This is a variation of the [list] replace code. When used it will generate an ordered list, i.e. individual items will be listed with numbers. It is also possible to have ordered lists with letters by replacing the number "1" with an "a", i.e. to use [list=a] instead of [list=1].
  • Code Text: [code]text[/code]
    Text marked with this replace code will be displayed in a special font.
  • Character Information: [player]character name[/player]
    It is possible to create links to the information page of characters by using this replace code.
  • Guild Information: [guild]guild name[/guild]
    It is possible to create links to the information page of a guild by using this replace code.
  • Images: [img]image link[/img]
    This replace code may be used to show images in your post. Note that this feature is disabled on all public boards as well as on all guild boards.
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Thank you! Please add the name of the code, BBCode