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A few days back I was in a situation where one of the guild members was being attacked by several monsters ( purely PvE situation from my perspective) and he was not able to cope with healing. Together with my friend, we decided to help him with "Exura gran mas res", but after few seconds we learned that "mas res" has no effect and we were unable to heal him at all. We were in the position right next to him, nothing was blocking the path etc. My friend has told me that most probably that person had Revenge activated.

So my question is- in which situations I will not be able to heal a member of my Guild? Is it when they have yellow skull? Are there any other situations like that? 

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It all depends on PvP situation.

If he is attacked by some players, and he don't have any kind of skull you need open White mode to heal him. Yellow mode if you want heal friend which is not in guild, but remember you will get "red cross"(only with Yellow mode not with White mode) and you wont be able to enter depot.

If he is aggressor or someone opened on him revenge skull you can heal him by only opening Red mode, but remember you will have skull, and if your attacked friend will kill person which opened on him revenge skull you will receive frag.