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My adventures in the Tibian continent last less than I would like, usually due to a lack of supplies. What essential items could I use that are lighter than those sold at NPCs? Is there any way to increase my capacity?

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How to improve capacity:

- Put an imbuement on your backpack. Powerful Featherweight is an imbuement that can be applied to items of type Containers. When applied, it raises capacity by 15%. You do not have to wear the backpack from the beginning- only once you out of cap. 


Elvenhair Rope -It weighs 6.00 oz. It works the same as a regular Rope, but 12 oz lighter.

Light Shovel- It weighs 15.00 oz. Same purpose as regular Shovels, but 20 oz lighter.

Squeezing Gear of Girlpower Squeezing Gear of Girlpower It weighs 3.00 oz. Can be used as RopeShovelPickMacheteScythe and Sickle, but not as a melee weapon to destroy objects. Kindly note that it can get jammed. 

-Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness It weighs 3.00 oz Can be used as RopeShovelPickMacheteSpoon and Kitchen Knife, but not as a melee weapon to destroy objects. Kindly note that it can get jammed. 

Whacking Driller of Fate  Whacking Driller of Fate  It weighs 3.00 oz Can be used as RopeShovelPickMacheteCrowbar and Kitchen Knife, but not as a melee weapon to destroy objects. Kindly note that it can get jammed. 

- Using right container: Ghost backpack  Holds 26 slots and weighs 5oz. Blossom Bag  with 24 slots and a weight of 8 oz. Obtained through the Threatened Dreams quest.

- Food choice-  Fire Mushroom  It waits only 0.10 oz. 100 fire mushrooms weighs 10 oz. and will last you for 12 hours.

During hunt -

- Use gold converter from your daily rewards

- Gold Pouch - Cost- 900 TC- If you are collecting lots of gold, this will spare you from having plenty of containers in your backpack using your cap

- Throw away empty flasks



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I think there is still missing one essential item there to dig holes hehe dropped by pirates