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I am looking for all the ways (imbuing, any additional special potions etc) which will help me to improve my combat fight.

Small summary, not much detail and link to each of them will be highly appreciated.

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Hello, Idontknow.

There are many ways to improve someone's combat abilities. Since you want it summarized, I won't be describing how, but if you have any questions abou a topic in particular, feel free to ask on comment

1) Level up, better skills and magic level

How your level and skills count on your damage

2) Choosing Better/ Right Equipment (both offensive and defensive)

How damage and defense works (same link as before)

3) Imbuing Equipment


4) Upgrading Equipment Through Exaltation Forge 


5) Charms

Need the bestiary though

6) Prey system

Can use both offensive and defensive

7) Temporary buff spells like berserk, sharpshooter and party spells

Individual (note not all the spells of this link are buff spells, but all buff spells I can remember are on that link), Party

8) Skill-up potions (berserk, mastermind and bullseye)

Potions (beware of the nerfs on your defense)

9) Special potions


810) Special foods

Hot cuisine

There also are some mechanics to cripple a special monster, like The Welter or Shlorg, so I won't put here. If anyone have another useful method, please comment so I may add here

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Hi, Thank you ! I added only upgrading the eq and little change the order. I hope you don't mind;-)
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Excellent! I also forgot about the exaltation forge, so thanks for the remind :p