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When you put a damage charm on a monster (elemental damage charm or low blow), what type of damage do you need to deal to the monster to proc a charm?

I know that if you hit a monster using the auto-attack (melee/rod/wand/arrow/bolt hit) or when you are using certain runes (such as avalanche runes or SD) there is a chance of the charm getting triggered and dealing damage to the creature, but I'm wondering if there is also a chance with using for example:

  • Other AoE runes: elemental field runes such as energy bombs.
  • Other single target runes: such as the soulfire runes.
  • Spells: Inflict wound, Ignite, Holy flash, Envenom, Electrify and Curse. Each of these spells inflicts damage over time on a monster.
  • Tools: If a monster is weak to physic damage you could use a trap  and deal damage to it.
And can it trigger even when no dmg is done, let say ice rod on a ice golem?

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I can confirm that elemental field runes trigger charms - not sure if it includes the damaging ones, this has been checked on Gut charm. But if it comes to dot spells - I'm not sure. Traps and familiars cannot trigger it as it is not damage strictly assigned to your character.