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The info I've found online says the bottle changes every server save and that is kind of what I assumed. Recently I started to collect these again to try to finish the quest off for the achievement. The bottle has been in the same location for 3 days straight. This would be very unlikely if it was random every server save.

Does it actually move every server save or does something have to be done to cause it to move? Or is there more to it like there is a certain chance it does move from the current location then it picks a new random location?

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Usually the bottle respawn in different location. There is nothing that you could do to make it respawn in another place. All you need is a lot of patience and time to check it every day.

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It would be good to check test server also. Imagine if it is affected by the number of fished bottles (it moves if it was picked up). But that would could block the whole system at some point so it is very unlikely.
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I feel like it has a certain percent chance to choose a new spot. Then if that triggers it chooses 1/10 of the other spots available. I've started tracking the bottle locations now to see if I notice any pattern.
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"Have you spent much time collecting bottles and had them appear in the same spot for several days in a row regularly?" - Yes. All bottles took me around 4 months (but I must confess that I didn't check it EVERY day). I had a friend who was exping on Roshamuul back then, he was looking for bottle "stones". It didn't appear for like a month of daily checks, but once it did, it lasted there for 3 days straight.