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During my hunt in Roshamuul I saw few times Message in a Bottle Message in a Bottle  in two different places - never same places. I found information about achivement called "Nevermending Story". You can gain it for catching 11x Message in a Bottle by using fishing rod Fishing Rod

My question is: 

Where can the Message in a Bottle appear in Roshamuul?

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 Where can the Message in a Bottle appear in Roshamuul?

Around Lower Roshamuul and Guzzlemaw Valley there are 11 Messages in Bottles that can be found all around the shore. Every Server Save, one of the bottles will be floating around at its designated location and can be fished out.

Going clockwise from the south of the human camp of Lower Roshamuul, the 11 messages and their locations are:

Message Location Map
ThreeNext to Captain ChelopLocation of message 'Three'
GreenNorth-west of Captain ChelopLocation of message 'green'
YouWest of the mountain (you must Levitate down)Location of message 'you'
WillWest of Guzzlemaw ValleyLocation of message 'will'
ShowNorth-west of Guzzlemaw ValleyLocation of message 'show'
WhereInside Mawhawk's LairLocation of message 'where'
InSouth of Mawhawk's LairLocation of message 'in'
ToEast of Guzzlemaw Valley (1)Location of message 'to'
BeddedEast of Guzzlemaw Valley (2)Location of message 'bedded'
StoneSouth of Upper RoshamuulLocation of message 'stones'
DigSouth-east of Lower RoshamuulLocation of message 'dig.'

And full map with all bottle spots marked here

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After catching 11 bottles you have to go dig a hole and use a skeleton to get the achivement. 

The place is in this area:

Note : If you don't find a bottle, it's probably on Mawhawk's Lair.

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How is the Mawhawk's respawn opened?
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After completing "desecrating shrines" task around 500 times since the last time the lair was closed.