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I am doing some mysteriando investigations and was hoping to get a full list of all the Pentagram locations.

I was wondering if someone could compile a full list of all of the Pentagram locations in Tibia for me to test some theories.

~Shady Doctor
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The question you mentioned already provides a compilation of pentagram locations.
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I am requesting a full list, not a partial list addressing another question. Please stop spamming all my questions with unhelpful stuff. You have only started doing it since I selected someone else answer as the better answer. If you continue I will tag an admin.
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I decided to hide my question as I thought it wasn't specific nor did it include all the pentagram pictures, sorry.
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Shady Doctor, no, I'm not targetting you. I really don't see a need for a question like "I just saw a list of ABC in another question, does someone know any compilation of ABC?" You just pointed to the answer, what's the point on making such a question that you already know and provided an answer to?

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Taken directly from my source- Tibia Secrets: "Explorer's Diary - Episode 1"

In many cultures, the pentagram is considered to be a magic symbol. The presence of this shape in places like Demona probably has some hidden meaning. It is possible that these locations hide more secrets than it might seem at first glance, and their unusual shape is one of the hints.

https://tibiamaps.io/map#32684,32085,10:3 near the Desert Quest

https://tibiamaps.io/map#33015,32406,11:2 in Drefia

https://tibiamaps.io/map#33253,31595,11:2 in Edron near Hero Cave

https://tibiamaps.io/map#33234,32277,12:2 in Darashia Dragon Lord Lair

https://tibiamaps.io/map#32480,31663,14:2 in Demona

Tibia Fandom - Pentagram Shaped Rooms also has some of these locations

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Oh Shawtay, he is very serious, I can assure you that.
But what if we go that logic and put a source of something which was officially presented on the fansite - and possibly contributed to new discovery- Are we in the right place to say that that actually TibiaSecrets has brought us the idea of achievement Transmutator? hm? (see explorer diary- Secrets of Alchemist Quarter) march 15 2021 early morning with the forum subject (open for public since 5th february 2021 https://tibiasecrets.com/forums/topic/tajemnicza-maszyna/) months before, vs Hunter's Forums in the evening same day https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39151295#post39151295.
Answer is yes and no.
Let's be humble and acknowledge that someone else also does some researches. It is upto Shawtay/person who does the post what sources they want to put. She possibly simply decided that TibiaSecret's has covered more material- has more updated information and therefore put this as a source.
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@shawtay, yes, I am serious. When I first saw your answer I directly skipped the link (which was an entire line). As soon as I read the first words of the quoted text, I skipped it, too. Then I saw the screenshots and map links. Since I saw no "source" anywhere in your answer and there was not a single word out of a link or quote, I was completely lost on what was the reference of your actual answers, i.e the places shown on the screenshots. Since the quoted text was not relevant to the answer, the link posted before it was completely ignored by me as I presumed it was a source of just the text (that's what a link right before a quoted text looks like).
Yes, I know TibiaSecrets exist, I even mentioned it on my previous comment, and I have no idea why you wrote that sentence. I never pretended it didn't exist. Since you wrote it, let me use it as an example, when you say "You know tibiasecrets exists as a fansite", it is very clear that you're mentioning the fansite because (1) you wrote it as a single word, (2) you used the word "fansite" in the same sentence. If you write it inside a title, with every single word capitalized, and put a space between the two words that compose the fansite's name, it may indeed go unnoticed.
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You are never happy with my answers so therefore I will stop replying to you. Because of you skipping the clear link the first line on my answer that's my fault? Stop being so negative I have never said anything to you about how you never include sources in your answers or replies. Im sorry I know nothing and you know everything on how how make an answer perfect. For example you said cipsoft doesn't fix point of Interests anymore and I asked you for the source and you ignored that comment. All my sources are cm official replies and your source is... what? Thin air? https://www.tibiaqa.com/17147/do-points-of-interests-spawn-on-any-place-of-the-map?show=17147#q17147
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