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I want to do a picture but a heart needs to be involved. Also, thinking deeper this might be good for some future Valentine's day or contest pictures. I was wondering where in Tibia I can find heart shapes? It could be a heart-shaped river or floor for example. I want all the locations to see which one would be better for my idea and I don't want to make the heart out of parcels.

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I know one such place, the most popular, near Venore (Gloom Caverns) , right here.

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Now this map is perfect, I wonder if there are any others.
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And it is a free account place :o
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Yes so far this one is my favorite I'm glad it's available for everyone
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This lake in werehyaenas is a sideways heart- https://tibiamaps.io/map#33201,32365,10:1

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Ahh forgot about this one thanks