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Which Roshamuul prison key is the most valuable to have from the solo bosses? Are there any mentionable drops from each of the keys, specifically the copper key?
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that question as it is, isn't a bit too much situational?

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 Cooper Prison Key 

Boss: Horadron

Valuable loot:

  •   Demonwing Axe
  •  Great Axe
  •  Executioner

Note: "Cooper Prison Key is usually one of the most expensive ones. That's because Horadron is fairly easy to kill (also for EKs) and provides pretty good loot in terms of the overall usual drop. "

Source: Williams knowledge

  Bronze Prison Key 

Boss: Zavarash

Valuable loot:

  •  Lavos Armor

 Golden Prison Key 

Boss: Prince Drazzak

Valuable loot:

  •  Eye Pod
  •    Nightmare Hook
  •  Psychedelic Tapestry
  •  Demonic Tapestry

 Silver Prison Key 

Boss: Terofar

Valuable loot:

  •  Earthborn Titan Armor
  •  Voltage Armor

Also all of those bosses drops , which is needed to first addon of Dream Warden Outfit.

The most valuable item from those bosses is  Earthborn Titan Armor. It may cost 25-37kk (depends of world).

Source: https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/rares-pricecheck-↓-↑/

How to kill Terofar and get a chance to loot  Earthborn Titan Armor?

All vocations: Due to his strong abilities and melee it is advised to use prismatic rings along with Prismatic Necklace, Gill Necklace or Stone Skin Amulets.

Mages: Enter with Energy Ring and Stone Skin Amulet equipped. In the best case scenario, you will summon a monster that will reach Terofar before you do, so he's the one to be inflicted with a curse. If that doesn't work, you should keep an eye on the death hits you get and once it starts hitting over 300, you may want to put an Energy Ring again until the curse is gone. Keep Terofar on diagonal all the time, so you can avoid his waves, keep summoning Fire Devils in case they die, and just shoot it down with your Wand of Defiance/Glacial Rod and Sudden Death Runes. It will take around 10 minutes before it dies even if you are a high level. It's also wise to carry few Mastermind Potions along and drink one of them each time you failed to react fast enough and got yourself hitted with Skill lowering wave.

Paladins: You can start killing it pretty smooth around 400 level. Just stay on diagonal, keep on using Sharpshooter along with Great Spirit Potions and shoot it down with Infernal Bolts, Sudden Death Runes and occasional Strong Ethereal Spear. Remember to heal yourself to full before casting each Sharpshooter. It's also wise to carry Energy Ring and Pot of Blackjack/Rotworm Stew in case things go south and you can't overheal the damage you get.

Knights: It's totally or at least nearly impossible to kill it as a Knight. Better ask your fellow friends with other vocation to do it for you.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Terofar

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Nice answer! Which one seems to be the valuable out of them all?
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By looking on the TibiaBosses statistics of prices, I could say that Earthborn Titan Armor is the most valuable of them all.

Source: https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/rares-pricecheck-↓-↑/
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I would maybe add that copper key is usually one of the most expensive ones. That's because Horadron is fairly easy to kill (also for EKs) and provides pretty good loot in terms of the overall usual drop. Apart from that, a very good and comprehensive answer. :)
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Thank you! :) And thanks for that information! I will add it to the answer. ;)