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For example, a charm applied to reduce the death penalty when you are killed by a Orc Leader or a prey bonus enhancing my defense against a Fire Elemental would work if the aforementioned monsters are summoned by a player attacking me?

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Yes the charms works for all types of monster it doesn’t matter if its summon or not its like if you are using a fire set and someone summon a fire elemental when it hits you the damage is lower than it should be.
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Interesting! Just wondering, but have you tested it?  I was going to test it but I am currently lacking time to play Tibia properly. Nice to know about this fact!
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The creatures summoned or convinced loose their status of ' creatures ' and become ' summons ', which is an extension of the character.

Charms aren't but general resistance, for instance, full fire set, would provide defense against all 3 sources.
Creatures, Players and Creatures By Players.

A charm to reduce a death penalty will not work.
A pray to reduce damage will work.
An equipment to reduce elemental or physical damage will work accordingly.

When you kill an ' orc ' it will most likely drop a gold or some other loot.
If you summon or convince the orc they will not drop anything when killed.
(Nowadays they poof out, back in the day they'd die and leave an empty corpse).
This is evidence that their status has changed.

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I have the same theory, but I was wondering if someone tested it. Also, I knew very well about this fact related to summon corpses changes (before Cip added the puffing as they die, they would turn into some kind of ashes and it was that way for some years, and before that we indeed had true monster corpses since summons exist on the game, it was useful because we could use these corpses on Jean Pierre Quest, for example)
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It's not a theory, I wouldn't post inaccurate information here as this is not a place for opinions, otherwise it'd be a discussion board.
I don't have any recollection as for them to turn into ashes.
I recall they actually dropping loot on early 2001 versions, then after I started playing more, around 2003, they were already becoming empty corpses and since then I  can see they poof.
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Sometimes things on Tibia do not work as most of players would think or assume (it may be even unintended by the devs sometimes). You have made a small lecture regarding summons and also showed an evidence based on what most of people would think, which is interesting. But a solid test is something that could show other results.

Summons can work in an unexpected way. For example, not so long ago, a player convincing a wasp could potentially get a skull if the wasp poisoned a character before. People would kill the poisoned character by the wasp and would go after the player who convinced the wasp (as you can see, a trap that could potentially cause a red skull on someone). The convinced beast (something that you consider equivalent to a summon, as it is written on your first sentence) on this case was already an "extension" of the character after convinced, but it didn't matter at all, since the damage made by the convinced creature before would count now as something related to the player.

The "ashes" are actually pretty similar to the remnants that a fire elemental corpse displays after dying. I remember it because I used to summon a lot of Orc Berserks in the past, and once they were killed, they would turn into this and soon after would vanish (and now they just puff)