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I would like to know hunting spots with good loot and XP

I and my friends don't have good skills

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First of all, there is no good profit/xp on lower lvls, some nice hunt spot for a x3 lvl 50 could be hero cave(edron) with a ok profit, anyway you need to take care since you dont have a druid, ask ms to bring some uhs and dont overlure, you can also use fire walls to limit the number of monsters.
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Edron crypt (bonebeast, ds, vampire, necro), ramoa (surface and lich hell), Serpent spawns (talahu), Quara (Yalahar), Quara Scouts/Hydra/Water elemental (talahu surface/underground)

The idea is to hunt in places where the excess of damage (mage + rp) could pay off the lack of healing power, i would recommend using imbuements specially life leech in ek to increase your survivability. but beside serpent spawns (where u need necklace of the deep amulet) and Hydra (where terra amulet helps a lot) all the rest of hunts are squishy enough or doesn't have enough damage to combo you (either way use their respective protections and don't tank too many mobs at once)
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