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I found a thread similar to this one who asked about the friction of the floors, but since my math skills are incredibly bad that does not interest me.

I have a hard time myself doing the calculations, so I wonder if anyone here knows at what approx levels each vocation gains their respective speedbreaks in secret library.

I heard something a while ago that knights gets it first, then mage and last paladin.
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That's easy to calculate if you're more precise with the question. With or without spells? Speed set? Imbuements? Either way, the magic number is 1258 speed.
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You can see the speed breakpoints table that Lee added to the Wiki here:
Then use this calculator to see in which levels you reach each speed value:
With no king of speed boost (set, spell, dish etc.), you reach speed 1258 on level 1149. The previous breakpoint is reached at speed 595 which is the base speed of a character at level 486, regardless of their vocation.
If you want more considerations to be done, you should include them in your question as Lee suggested.
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Hi Dream Warden,
There is a similar question already in Database, please see https://www.tibiaqa.com/25140/what-is-the-friction-of-the-secret-library-floor?show=25140#q25140 , hopefully the answer placed there will help you with your enquiry.