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When and how often the Kill statistics on Tibia.com ( https://www.tibia.com/community/?subtopic=killstatistics) are updated?

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Kill Statistics are updated once a day at 4 am CET/CEST or 6 hours before Server Save. When the website is updated, it counts creatures killed up to the update. For example: If you kill a midnight panther at 3:30 am CET/CEST, it will appear on the update, but if you kill it at 4:10 it will only appear on the next day's update, 23h50 min later. This may not be exact to the final minutes because the scripts probably take some time to run, update the website, etc, but it's close. So a rough estimate will be 4 am - 4 am.


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Oh, thank you!.
so now we have 3 AM and 4 AM. and It means is it 4am to 4am (or 3 Am to 3Am)
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Yeaaa... that's weird Im going to get an official reply. I'm sure Lee probably knows, he can most certainly write an answer here if he does. If not, I'll just wait on the reply from CMs....
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unless Pochwalona was speaking in English Timing (BST/GMT).
Polish and German share same Time Zone's (CEST/CET) and also change the hours same dates (summer and winter time), England does it on the different days which could be confusing too.