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Is there any loot statistics from Ferumbras Mortal Shell that includes Mysterious Scroll and in that case, what are the stastistics?

I've found some recent statistics but there's only 155 kills and there's no scroll among the loot.
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I'm afraid it is impossible to answer this question since there is no official stats and the ones on wikis base on players info. As you can see poor info. The chance to loot it is really low but you won't get any accurate statistics.
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There is no concrete answer, but let's try do some estimation.
According to guildstats.eu/bosses, 21914 Ferumbras Mortal Shells have been killed since the implementation of this boss to the game.
Taking into consideration the fact that scroll is being sold so rarely or that seeing a player using Rift Runner mount is an unique sight even now... If the scroll is the rarest loot, let's assume that the chance to loot is 0.01%.
So it would mean that approx. 22 scrolls have been looted up to this day and in my opinion that number sounds reasonable.

Note that these are just my assumptions confronted with some stats&logic.
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Yea, I was trying to find any official stats and I didn't found any, also I check some Fansites like TibiaFandom, TibiaWikiBR and Tibiopedia and there isn't any stats so I posted my own experience.

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Hello Dream!

The Mysterious Scroll is the most rarest loot from Ferumbra's Ascendant. However it is possible to drop it, my friend drop it in his 6th Ferumbras Ascendant, so IMO it's about lucky and not about amount.

Keep in mind that this boss can be face 2 times per month, you will able to kill 24 Ferumbras' in a year aproximately.

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