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I killed 1200 Putrid Mummies and I didn't loot any Mini Mummy yet! I've been hunting for 3 hours. Please tell me on average how many Putrid Mummies does it takes to obtain a Mini Mummy?

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According to the bestiary, there's a less than 0.5% chance to loot a Mini Mummy. I've killed 6k Putrid Mummies and still no luck :P Hopefully, someone can give you a better answer.

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Unfortunately, tibia-wiki has not yet aggregated enough data to loot even a single mini mummy. Tibia-wiki has a total of 5142 kills and this reddit post states he has killed 5609 without looting a mini mummy. With these two sources, it does not appear that your situation is unreasonable. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate any reliable sources indicating the drop chance of the mini mummy from putrid mummies. The statistics on tibia-wiki for elder mummy dont seem to indicate a reliable drop rate for this item either. Tibia-stats indicates that it is likely to see one mini mummy in 1117 elder mummy kills, however, this data is likely out dated, unsourced, and appears to be contradicted by the earlier tibia-wiki link.

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