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I did some research and saw that the Mini Mummy doll is listed as an item drop from the Mummy creature, however the % rate of this is listed at 0%

Is this loot actually a confirmed possible or one of the many tibia myths?

Has anyone looted a Mini Mummy from a Mummy before?

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Yes, you can loot Mini Mummy  from mummy. It is simply very rare drop.

Here is a screenshot that proofs this possibility.

You can also loot it from stronger monsters and bosses, like:

source: https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/mystery-of-mahatheb-ii-eng-2/


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Yes, i looted mini mummy from mummy three times. but i remember one, old tibia times when she costs about 800k </3
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I'm very sure that we can add Mahatheb in the list heheh
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I will be sure, when I'll see a screenshot as a proof.
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Miny mummy was too expensive before, but now It's possible to buy with little money, but If you want some adventure you can hunt those mummies, but you should be patient. :D

Loot de:AshmunrahDipthrahElder MummyHorestisMahrdisMorguthisMummyOmrucPutrid MummyRahemosThalasVashresamun.