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I heard that some bosses start to drop special items after finishing quests but never seen it, someone know if it’s true or not?

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I am 100% sure that Urmahlullu the Weakened drop changes after completing the Kilmaresh Quest ( without completing it you will not be able to loot parts for The Regalia of Suon ). I have char on which I never completed the quest and go often on that boss- never ever looted any of those items. 

There were also some speculations like this regarding the Final Judgment from the Grave Danger Quest. It appears that it cannot be looted from MiniBosses if the quest/ Main boss was not killed. There was even a Topic started on TibiaBosses - https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/final-judgment/

I am assuming that this might also apply to Soul War Quest- items for taming Spectral Horse and for Revenant Outfit . It would explain why items like Spectral Horseshoe, Spectral Horse Tack,Spectral Saddle like Bracelet of Strenghtening or the skull of a Beast were not really found once the Quest came out. 

I would even say, this will be applied with the taming/outfit items from the Mini Bosses from the Quests (not applicable to the items which can be obtained only from the Main bosses like the Ferumbras Mortal Shell or "raid" boss like the Abomination). 

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I don't think so. What I know is quest that if you complete you can't take the drop again, like The Isle of Evil quest. 

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There is small mistake on your answer. The items dropped by the bosses of the Isle of Evil Quest are restricted for the first time you kill the boss (Just can loot the item the first time you kill each boss) it dont care if you completed the quest or not.
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As far as I know, bosses from the Hero of Rathleton quest do not give items to mount the first time you complete the quest, and you need to kill them again to have a chance to loot.  I have not heard of other such cases.