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I'm level 66 paladin and wondering what quest should I have done and which ones should I be ready to so as soon as I can? Looking for the ones that are important.

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if you're on a new server as a paladin, the best quests you can get for your future self are:

Postman, as early as lv20, it takes you about 6 hours to complete. can net you a hefty amount of gold by hunting at minotaurs darashia/mintwallin, ghastly dragons at muggy plains, and minotaur cults at mintwallin.

the Sweaty cyclops questline. By getting 3 bast skirts from dworc venomsnipers, you'll be able to forge infernal bolts from soul orbs, and usually, those orbs are pretty cheap so you get almost-free ammo. Also, since obsidian knives can be forged from the draconian steel you get from that questline, it is also a good way to net yourself some passive income.

Rashid (traveling trader): you can get the deer trophy by hunting smugglers, carry the heavy package and send it through parcel via the mailbox in outlaw camp, carry the scarab cheese through the adventurer's guild free tp, fine vase is a breeze, haggling the crimson sword is also ridiculously easy, and you can get the fish in the deeplings lair.

threathened dreams: Feiryst will be your hunting ground through lv35-150, so start collecting some cash to do it as early as possible too. (optional - summer courts questline: you can also start this questline relatively easy talking to a random npc fairy at edron, she will give you access to the courts, and in them, you could powerlevel yourself with the elves through lv100-250. particularly, on the summer court, you can either energywall and make them run over the walls while you shoot them, or group 2 to 3 elves while throwing avalanches, both methods net you lots of exp),