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If I were to buy Tibia coins from an unofficial reseller is this against Tibia rules? I noticed someone on discord was selling them but they aren't official and I don't want to go against Tibia rules.

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No it is not against rules, because there is no way to know if the Tibia Coins you get from a person are from a purchase or something else such as a gift.
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Your answer makes sense. But is it against the rules regardless of whether or not proof exists or not?
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Not, is not illegal. The reseller program was created by Rejana and Etien (First reseller) to get the chance all player who dont have credit card can buy Tibia Coins, since the creation of the program and Tibia Scroll (Old Premiun) Cipsoft accept the resellers even if they are not official (Of course if they dont lie called inself official).
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