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I'm currently thinking about my equipment as follows:

Glacier Amulet

Cobra Hood

Falcon Plate with ice protection imbuement

Falcon Greaves

Depth Calcei (my best boots at the moment)

Falcon Estuchion with ice protection imbuement


I'm not sure on the rings, I'm debating between prismatic rings for the higher physical protection and rings of red plasma for smaller physical protection but a bit of axe fighting as well. The main question I have is regarding defensive preys: I'm aware there are three creatures there (Icecold Book, Squid Warden, Animated Feather) - should I have defensive imbue on all of these creatures or just some of them?

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As I've now hunted here quite a bit since making this post I'll reply with an answer in case other people need this information. For reference, I'm a ~560 EK at the time of writing. I recommend the following equipment:

Glacier Amulets (~30-40 needed per hour of hunting)

Best Helmet (I used Cobra Hood) WITH MANA IMBUEMENT

Best Chestplate (I used Falcon Plate) WITH ICE RESISTANCE IMBUEMENT

Falcon Greaves -- Due to the ice resistance, these are by far more preferable to fabulous legs but you may be able to substitute these out if you don't own them and have a sufficient amount of healing or defense.

Best Boots (I used Pair of Soulwalkers)

Your Best One Handed Weapon (I used Soulbiter) WITH MANA IMBUEMENT 

Your Best Shield (I used Falcon Estuchion) WITH ICE RESISTANCE IMBUEMENT

Prismatic Rings (One Per Hour). If you have two druids, you can can potentially drop these in favour of Rings of Red Plasma (Two Per Hour).

The ice resistance and mana leech imbuements are both key to hunting here. Regarding defense preys, these are for sure not necessary if you have two druids, falcon greaves and are a high enough level. If you have only one druid, the lines are a bit more blurred - I felt quite comfortable with one defense prey active on Icecold Books but just having the dodge charm things definitely felt a bit more dangerous. if you want to be super safe, rolling with one defense prey may be the best option; otherwise, if you're willing to take a risk, you may be free to drop it once you have the dodge charm active.

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Well, i went there in about lvl 480 on my ek, i used Soulbastion as shield with ice protection imbue, and Falcon Plate with Ice protection, Prismatic ring and glacier necklace, other then the soulbastion and boots we have the exact same eq, what lvl are u?