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I am trying to find confirmation regarding Ugly Monsters drop during the Double loot event- are they affected or not?

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As far as I know Ugly Monster has a normal Loot System and not a Cooperative Loot System. According to Tibia Wiki all monsters with normal loot system are affected on Double loot event. Therefore the answer to your question is: Yes. Ugly monster is affected on Double loot event.



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In double loot events, all bag bosses (which loot can be picked up from the adventurer guild) are unaffected. The ones you need to get the loot before it rots the body are affected.
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This is how I answered. The Cooperative Loot System is a loot system with bags that you can pick up in the Adventurers' Guild.
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I'd like to confirm. Yes, Ugly monsters drop rate is affected during double loot event.

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Lol I got exactly same items as you…. How long you been farming and on which day?
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Haha, I have been farming there a lot, pretty much everyday I can go for 1-3h... this screenshot was actually on saturday, 15 minutes apart one of the other