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I was going through items which are with assigned Tier classification and I realised that some items- which are Weapon, Helmet or Armour- are without a tier. I noticed it is particularly with items which are believed to non- obtainable for example:


Witchunter's Coat

Red Tunic

White Dress


Girl's Dress

Wooden Sword

 Light Rapier (not on market- only cyclopedia)

Enchanted Staff

Ornate Testplate (not on market, nor on cyclopedia) 

 Test Weapon for Knights (not on market, nor on cyclopedia) 

As also

Ball Gown 

Is it because there are not available anymore in the game at all? Why some items are without a Tier Classification?

Please note that some non-obtainable like Ceremonial Mask, Yol's Bow or Magic Longsword, which they have Tier assigned. 

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It looks does not have a real reason because 

 You see a native armor (Arm:7).
Classification: 4 Tier: 0.

It weighs 80.00 oz. 

It's mostly a bad joke as usual from part of Cipsoft, turning people into the belief that those items can be obtainable,

Also I could be wrong and become or point to items that are or will be obtainable.

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I have doubts about “bad joke”…. What about ball gown? Btw you image is broken, can you -lease repost?