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As we know Alesar is somewhat special because he is a Blue Djinn who switched sides and is working for the Green Djinns. I wonder what is the reason for this?

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Because he switched the sides as he believes only Malor can unite Djinn race. So he joined them even though he despise Malor and do not support his cruelty:

Alesar: The efreet are those djinns who never fell for Daraman's insidious propaganda. I wish I would have been as smart from the start. ...
Alesar: But errors can be corrected!
Alesar: Those among my brothers and sisters who still do not see the truth call themselves the Marid. I used to be one of them, but I left them when the truth dawned upon me. ...
Alesar: Now I follow Malor, although I would never fight against my kind.

Alesar: Malor is overambitious and unnecessarily cruel, but he is the only djinn who could unite our race, so I follow him. ...
Alesar: The truth is I despise him, but that is of no importance as long as you humans will be exterminated.